Custom Peptide Synthesis

CanPeptide, a Canadian peptide company, is dedicated to meeting your custom synthetic peptide needs, whether you are an academic researcher or a biopharmaceutical company.

Combining the extensive experience in custom peptide synthesis and analytical chemistry, our scientists use a variety of proprietary chemical processes to provide our customers worldwide with the high quality peptides in a short turnaround time and at a very competitive price.

CanPeptide uses automatic, semi-automatic and manual peptide synthesizers, solution and solid-phase chemistry to offer both small and large-scale peptide syntheses ranging from milligram and multigram. Pre or post-synthesis operations incorporate the normal, unnatural and modified amino acids.

We offer a host of post-synthesis modifications including biotinylation, PEGylation, specific peptide labeling, peptide cyclization and conjugation, etc.

We use HPLC for the peptide purification and depending on your needs, CanPeptide offers different levels of product purity, crude, >70, >80, > 90, >95% and even >99%.

Peptides are shipped via FedEx overnight and accompanied by stringent analytical specifications including HPLC chromatogram, Mass Spectra and Certificate of Analysis.

We are looking forward to discussing your peptide needs and surpassing your expectations.

"CanPeptide has always provided me with reliable and efficient service. I highly recommend CanPeptide as a provider of custom peptides."
  - Orest Blaschuk, Ph.D., McGill University

"We have been extremely happy working with CanPeptide. CanPeptide was able to synthesize two peptides for our laboratory that several other companies were unable to synthesize or purify to our requirements due to technical difficulties. We also received extensive technical information about our peptides that expedited experimental design. We plan to order further products from CanPeptide."    
 - Neal Beeman MS, Peggy Neville Ph.D., University of Colorado Health Sciences Center