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Please start from N-terminus and enter the sequences using standard one-letter or three-letter amino acid codes. For D-amino acid, please add a ‘d' in front of the code.

Alanine Ala A Leucine Leu L
Arginine Arg R Lysine Lys K
Asparagine Asn N Methionine Met M
Aspartic acid Asp D Phenylalanine Phe F
Cysteine Cys C Proline Pro P
Glutamine Gln Q Serine Ser S
Glutamic acid Glu E Threonine Thr T
Glycine Gly G Tryptophan Trp W
Histidine His H Tyrosine Tyr Y
Isoleucine Ile I Valine Val V


Please specify the quantity, purity and terminal modifications (N- & C-terminus) of each peptide.


Other Requirements and Comments


Canpeptide will perform an analysis on your peptide sequence prior to the synthesis. If unusual processes are required for the syntheses and purification, the customers will be notified in advance.

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